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100% Merino Super 140's Wool Socks - Green/Camel
100% Merino Super 140's Wool Socks - Green/Camel
100% Merino Super 140's Wool Socks - Green/Camel
The Purple Seal luxury socks box for worldwide shipping. Made in Italy, made to measure, craftsmanship. Comfort and style for the classic gentleman

100% Merino Super 140's Wool Socks - Green/Camel

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SOCK SIZE 10.5 11 11.5 12
UK SHOES 7 8 9 10
EU SHOES 41 42 43 44
US SHOES 8 9 10 11
JP SHOES 26 27 28 29

 The pinnacle of our collection in terms of insulation from the winter weather. But If you are thinking about the heavy, itchy wool sock, well, think again!

The three main differences that distinguish a wool yarn from a great wool yarn are: Origin first, where we use only the purest merino wool from Australia (best wool in the world); Secondly the fineness: a Super 140s (really close to the cashmere/silk one); and lastly this superb yarn has been knitted on a 240 superfine gauge needle machine. This results in a very luxurious feel and comfortable fine dress socks for the winter season.

We present these socks to you in a very subtle pattern that we know works well in business, business casual and casual occasion, so you can maximise their use.

As we love them so much, we have decided to offer also more daring colours.

This overall green version pairs well with hearty colours such as green itself, brown but also grey and blue tones. Another versatile colour to add to your wardrobe. 

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