Hi, My name is Mauro, founder of The Purple Seal.

The Purple Seal is an expression of my ambitions, my dreams to share with more and more of you the pleasure of wearing something made for you, by hand, by skilled artisans and craftswomen and craftsmen what they only can create: objects that carry a special story and that will last far more than one season. 


Our possessions should have our name on it, even if just figuratively, and stay with us as long as possible. We should want to keep them for as long as we can. It is harder and harder though, in this climate of endless mass produced products, soulless objects ordered through very generalised websites without little to no human input or exchange. I know that, If you're here, is because we share the same vision.



Quality, like luxury, is in many ways a very personal concept. I think we can agree though, that a handmade product and a personalised service is special to everyone. My aim is then to accompany you in the creation of a quality product of your own design whenever possible.



An excellent product is also an ethical product, and one that brings good to the people who acquire it as well as the people who produce it. All our products are made in Europe. Furthermore, all our leathergoods are handmade to order: this means we produce minimal waste and no product is destroyed if unsold. Not only, but they are made to last and unique to you: I am confident you will love them for a lifetime.



When you get in touch with questions, feedback or to share thoughts about quality or style (please do) I am the person on the other side. This does not only give you an opportunity to get quick answers and guidance, but speeds up any problem resolution. 

To top it up, you’ll find that you can use a vast range of payment methods, including cryptocurrencies.

I hope to hear from you soon!



The Purple Seal socks: Elegance, Purity, Strength, Individuality