Why should we wear a suit?

If you think the answer is because it's required for work or for some events, please keep reading.

Also, everyone has his own subjective views about how it feels to wear a suit, but this is not the intent of this writing. 

What we will cover are reasons that work for everyone. Facts of perception. They have already been stated by others, but as many still are unaware of them - or they just don't think about them, perhaps, - let’s cover them again.

Old photos of woman wearing a suit, necktie and a hat

Woman wearing a suit, 1920s 

First we need to define a suit:

By definition, a suit is a set of clothes (jacket and trousers or jacket and skirt) made with the same fabric.


Old photo of Mr. E. G. Gilbert dressed in evening attire. Black and white, old style suit and top hat

Portrait of Mr. E. G. Gilbert dressed in evening attire three piece suit with lapel flower, top hat, gloves (carried, not worn) and spectacles


Now, the real question is: why a piece of garment that has been around for centuries is still a great choice today?  

Although that doesn’t seem much, the fact that it’s made with the same material (which means same fabric and colour) from your feet to your head, creates a straight line without breaking points. This is very important as it focusing attention away from our middle section to the extremities (head and shoes). Another benefit is that also elongates our silhouette, so we look slimmer and taller at the same time.

I should add here that by skipping the use of belts we will eliminate the horizontal line that will inevitably break your figure in two. Adjuster or Suspender/braces are far better alternatives.

Also, we can match the colour of our socks. Especially if we wear trouser with half break and no break.

 Suits make you look taller and bring attention to your face. A suit is a set of clothes made with the exact same fabric and colour.

Who looks better here? Even without the distraction of colour, the man wearing a suit on the right looks slimmer and our eyes go straight to his face. His companion is a bit of a mess isn't he? Our eyes travel up and down to all the elements of his attire.


That’s not all though, the jacket of a suit is cut in a way that creates a V on our chest making our shoulders looks larger compared to our torso (there also are some jacket with internal padding, to make your shoulders look even bigger). Moreover, the V shows the garment below the jacket, creating the only area of contrast that will catch people's attention. I should add here that the use of neckties or bow ties will help to point the attention straight on our face.


So, to answer briefly the initial question: wearing a suit is the best way to enhance our silhouettes and at the same time driving the attention to our face where it should be. 

Just remember though, as Cary Grant’s father said to him: “Let them see you and not the suit. That should be secondary”. Be careful in choosing an extremely bold pattern or brilliant colour as they will defeat the purpose completely. 

If you didn’t already know, hope you are thinking differently about this garment now!

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