Seamless feel - Hand-linked toe and heel

Pressure points on our feet are the biggest cause of blisters.

As we said previously, the circular socks knitting machine was invented to create a seamless cylindrical piece of fabric that has no seam on the back, but the toe and heel areas still need to be sewn.

In the present day we have two ways to sew them: by hand or by machine.

Although machines have been progressing, they still produce a more pronounced seam compared to sewing by hand. 

That’s because an expert hand can exactly pinpoint the start and finish of the seam, with no overlap material. On the other hand, a sewing machine has to start a little before the seam and close a little after, with some degree of overlap. This generates a non flat surface which, rubbing against our feet all day, gives us discomfort and can cause blisters. 

Now you can see how a small detail like a seam can translate into a great benefit in terms of comfort and feel.

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