Perfect fit - Made to measure

Fit is king in every wardrobe.


The problem when you purchase one-size socks is that they’re either too short, thereby creating lots of tension, or too long, meaning you end up with extra material.

By wearing perfectly fit socks, you relieve your feet from being tight without creating uncomfortable pressure points.

The Purple Seal socks - Made to measure for perfect fit


I must say, the first time I purchased made to measure socks, I thought that they had given me the wrong size, as they looked a couple of sizes bigger.

That’s because they have almost zero stretch factor on the vertical axis: they don’t need it, as they’re in fact made to the right size for you, hugging your silhouette perfectly.

The absence of vertical tension it’s also beneficial because the sock will only have to deal with gravity to stay up all day long, and with our high band they will!

In the socks world, made to measure is really the only way to go If you want real comfort.

Are you thinking you find standard socks perfectly fine? I'll guarantee you this is going to be a completely new experience. Learn more about and around style and comfort and get yourself in a whole new dimension!

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