Leather and Sustainability

Nobody creates superior products than nature, and currently there is no equivalent to leather not only in terms of sustainability, but also for many other qualities. So called ‘vegan leather’ it’s a synthetic based material, which in most cases pollutes more in its production than real leather.. The leathers we use are bi-products of the meat industry, which otherwise would go to waste. Especially in Europe, no animal is farmed exclusively for leather, rather it is a form of ‘up cycling.’ 

INTERESTING FACT - According to the National Leather Council 170,000 tonnes of waste from the food industry was avoided thanks to the French leather industry, that’s the equivalent of 24 Eiffel Towers! 



Sustainability doesn’t reside only in production, but also and very importantly in the product care, durability and afterlife effects on the environment.

Leather also offers sustainability in terms of health benefits and sensory properties.  It is naturally breathable yet durable and doesn’t let odours settle. Moreover, the supple feel and comforting scent of leather cannot be rivalled! 

We have researched and tried a few alternatives, focusing on those made from plants and fruit, and we found that none are a real option at the moment, whether because their harvesting is dangerous to the local fauna, or they’re backed with polyester for reinforcement, or they simple last too briefly to balance their environmental impact in production. 

The sustainable choice currently is still leather, and it’s about which leather you purchase rather than choosing fake leather over real leather. Choose real leather in a classic style, and you’ll be sure to love it for a lifetime. That’s the sustainable choice in our opinion.




As seasonal fashion is by definition not sustainable, choosing classic style natural material garments made to last is one of the most sustainable choices you can make.  

Thanks to knowledge and craftspersonship of leather professionals and the creativity of designers around the world, leather goods continue to offer endless possibilities and uses. Leather remains noble, durable and innovative. 

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