How to take good care of your socks

What should we do to extend the life of our dress socks?

From the choice of fibres to the actual sock manufacture, our sock’s design has done its part to bring us super comfortable yet very durable socks.

Now I am going to give you some hacks that will prolong their durability. If you have some extra tips, please share them in the comments! Everybody will benefit from it.

The first thing that comes to my mind: always wear footwear. I don’t particularly mean outside (quite obvious!), but I specifically refer to your domestic environment or other indoor locations. Use slippers or loafers while you’re wearing your luxurious socks at home.

Secondly: remove any internal or external pressure point

We wrote an article explaining why it’s important for your feet comfort that socks don’t create pressure points. The opposite is true for what your socks get in contact with: make sure your feet and your footwear don’t cause wear on the socks.

Avoid internal pressure points: Take care of your feet, clip your nails and check that your skin is nice and smooth. Doing this is good practice anyway as you will benefit more from healthy feet than your sock will, but it is undeniable that your sock will last longer this way.

Ensure smooth outside surfaces: check the inside of your shoes, make sure it has no dirt or pronounced seams that will damage your socks and even more importantly, make you uncomfortable.


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Shoe horn: you should use it all the time, with your shoelaces loosened. As you can imagine, this is also beneficial for your shoes, because you allow your feet to gently slide in, in an effortless motion.

Wear correct size shoes. When you wear perfectly fitting shoes, you essentially reduce friction as the shoes will hug your feet like a glove. No friction, no wear.

Now we are moving on to washing.

The best method is hand-washing, but a delicate program with a delicate detergent and low spinning program and your washing machine will do the job.

Be sure that you wash socks separately from other garments, as their fibres once soaked in water become more delicate and could get trapped in other garments. 

I also turn my socks inside out to prevent soap residue to remain on the outside.

NEVER tumble-dry your socks!

Don’t force the drying process: instead, hang them and let air do the job. Avoid also direct sunlight and any source of heat.

Finally, when you store them in your drawer, I find that the best way is to pair your socks by rolling them together. By doing this, you will wear the same pair equally.

These are some tricks that I use to lengthen the life of my socks! 

I will encourage you again to share your hacks with everyone here by commenting to this article! Share it with those you think would love to know how to care better for their quality socks using the social buttons below. 

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