Gentle compression - High elastic band

Cold feet are the result of poor circulation. 

It is natural to think that we would need a strong elastic band to avoid pulling our socks up all day, but besides being a wrong belief, the tight elastic most socks on the market have today is a really bad idea for your legs and feet.  

Provided a sock is made to measure (we presented the advantages of made to measure socks in this article), we are left to fight only gravity to be able to have our socks up all day, without buying uncomfortable gimmicks.

The purpose of the elastic band is to create pressure so the sock will basically anchor to your skin. Every sock has one, but only quality socks have it high and gentle. Using a high and gentle elastic band prevents the uncomfortable pressure which impedes blood circulation, gives you skin marks and ultimately swollen and cold feet.

Related to this issue and its solution, mid-length socks are not a good idea either. This brings us to our next article

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