Craftsmanship - Made in Italy

While is true that there are many capable artisans around the world is also true that craftsmanship is deeply rooted in the Italian culture. It is not by chance that “Made in Italy” it’s been and still is synonymous of quality and unrivalled craftmanship.

In the sartorial world we still have some of the oldest mills and some of the oldest tailoring houses, shoe makers, hats manufacturers and yes even socks factories, that pass their secrets through generations.

The Purple Seal dress socks manufacturing in Italy


Why is this the case? Italy has developed expert processes by organising production in a very distinct and specialised manner, where every step is given the maximum attention and details are fundamental. This is even more so in family-run houses.

Made in Italy is the quintessential expression of design, where function meets form and everything forms beautifully. For example, the beautiful combination of features that make our socks not only great-looking and luxurious but also perfectly functional.


The Purple Seal socks - cashmere and silk - made in Italy


When buying a product that was made in Italy you can trust that it has been made with the highest care, as Italians are proud and passionate about their craft.

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