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The Purple Seal Articles

  • Regular Wool vs Merino wool - why pay extra?

    As pretty much everything in nature, wool differs in terms of quality. In this article, I explain the characteristics of regular and Merino wool.
  • What colour should my first suit be?

    My thoughts and suggestions when buying your first suit.
  • Cotton - most versatile fabric

    Discussing the properties and variety of cotton fibres, the most versatile fabric in the natural fibres garment market.
  • How to take good care of your socks

    I am going to give you some hacks that will lengthen your socks life.
  • Durability - Reinforced heel and toe

    If you notice, socks usually wear out unevenly.
  • Stay up - Knee high / over-the-calf socks

    The main benefit that high socks bring is that you will be sure they will stay up in position all day long.
  • Seamless feel - Hand-linked toe and heel

    A small detail like a seam can translate into a great benefit in terms of comfort and feel.
  • Gentle compression - High elastic band

    It is natural to think that we would need a strong elastic band to avoid pulling our socks up all day...bad idea!
  • Luxury finish - 216/240/260 needles

    If you are a gentleman who orders bespoke shoes, this is a must!
  • Perfect fit - Made to measure

    In the socks world, made to measure is really the only way to go If you want real comfort.
  • Craftsmanship - Made in Italy

    Made in Italy” it’s been and still is synonymous of quality and unrivalled craftmanship.
  • Kind to skin - Natural fibres

    Do you check what your garments are made of?